Expand RuneScape ports to Manavos: Golden City group to open this summer

RuneScape is about to undergo the biggest earthquake in 16 years with the launch of Manavos: Golden City on June 5, the first of which will be offered in a new series of "RuneScape Extensions" high-tech pieces of new content will be in the game. From Manavos: Golden City, it will be released RuneScape extensions every three months, creating new areas and regions of the vast game world Geleanor, at no additional cost to subscribers RuneScape with Cheap RuneScape Gold.

With a focus on discovery and exploration, Manavos is a myth that has hidden in sight in the game for more than 12 years in the city. So far, the players unprecedented outside the gates of the city - but is all changing. Mastaba - - Diving in the city as you open the Manavos doors, the players will discover a wide range of sandy towns with hanging gardens, streams, gold-plotted buildings, and a huge pyramid.

Manavos is full of unprecedented wealth stories waiting to be discovered by millions of players. However, the players come into town when strangers are unknown and need a reputation in the city to build both the Almighty and the legendary among the population. They explore the city too, it will not take long before they discover the mystery of the darkness of corruption spread throughout the city. In addition, there will be new questions, constantly changing network of graves that can overcome the old wealth and Donjeon Slayer, who can raise the skill level of Slayer 99-120 for the first time.

David Osborne, Chief Designer Ron RuneScape: "It has always been the motivation behind RuneScape with telling important stories and tasks, and the launches of RuneScape - from Manavos: Golden City - enable us to do it completely on a a new way." "We are working hard to ensure that this beautiful city gives up Manavos, in the imagination of millions of players we have for more than a decade, we can wait to share more details in the coming weeks to open the gates and no . "

Launch RuneScape expansion is the result of the developer Jajaks works with the player's basic game and allows them to determine how the game evolves. A survey player in 2016 wanted the biggest and most important updates that will make huge additions to the game. Results? The total reform of the weekly schedule for the release of the traditional and the introduction of RuneScape extensions.