Shattered Worlds

Step into the abyss of fighting in the miracle of the crushed worlds: a new Manegam combat.

Fighting your way through maps generated procedure full of mash-up of RuneScape environments, enemies and effects Mutator, and survival increasingly difficult for as long as you can.

Push your boundaries in this test of ability and ability to adjust and endurance and claim a number of great new rewards, including Sigilz: new equipment, has strong temporary effects.

Indeed, as we know it is balancing on the verge of a mass of malignant mess: the abyss. As soon as you keep them at bay by powerful magic seals, it's now over boiling in Geleanor.

In the help of the Knights of the Dead, you must shatter inside the world and alone, fight through strange cards filled with strange creatures. You can bring your supplies and consumables, or be provided with some device while you are there. Note that in case of bringing your items, it still differs as the case may be, and will use consumables as usual.

As you progress through the world, not only will increase the difficulty, but will be applied. Mutators - persistent effects that change how you and / or your enemies behave for your operating system.

You find yourself vampire - be able to leverage your opponent's leprosy ... or you can find that the enemies explode in hordes of zombie chickens if you kill them. These - and many strange things - wait for you when you go through the gate.

Ultimately you will not - but do not be afraid. Shattered worlds are safe dead, and the challenge is to beat the best personal score - and those of your friends.

You will have three weekly challenges to test your courage and earn bonus rewards. Gold attempt to complete the true combat skills of your own challenge!