Bleiroktyons refers to the old RuneScape School (Oosrs) updates for two days

The first was last May 18th. Said update allows players to impress Septrs skull by showing Sulzton shoes that can be obtained in the game of life. Cost can be extended with a cut staff, and the consumption of saturated skull compensation scepter will not destroy the costs.

In addition, as promised Jagex updated Ronkravcang for levels 91 and above, in response to requests for player of the last players to formulate a double law Ronez in the level of 95 and double runes of death in the level of 99 .

May 19 On the other hand, it was officially off a special summer. Those who get a membership for a period of three months will gain access to the content quality of the old school. This also applies to hell on June 1, Fossil Island in early September.

In another development, nothing has to do with the summer, it is an updated map of the world as well. This allows the card to float now above the player interface, and is full-screen display. More important is that the card now fits the side, is being modified, and showing your current current.

With everything in the old RuneScape school, there is no better time to play the farm and old school RuneScape gold from now on.