RuneScape Menaphos hand up

If you think about it, it's very unusual that Runescape is still playing and has an active community after more than 16 years since launch. Jagexs has supported her Mmorabg with weekly updates, adding new or looking for a new skill here, or maybe a new area, for the first time ever, is the full release of the game. It's called Menaphos: The Golden City, and offers a huge space that looks like an ancient city of Egypt. We have an opportunity to enter the ports before you open them to the public, and we got a quick look at the new content that contributes to Runescape.

Outside the walls of the city and us in the middle of the sandy deserts of open-filled creatures, however, within the shining walls there is a thriving city including the markets and ancient cemeteries and sanctuary and Heramat ancient gods. From our memories we remember that Menaphos was always there, but can never be introduced, and we also take into account that the game looks better than remember better, especially the effects of lightning and greatly improve Runescape and seems more polished. It looks good for such an old game, but still has low system requirements enough to play in your browser, which many Runescape Gold players still do.

Expansion, which was the favorite among the fans, introduces some of the new concepts of the game. Can be new players and experienced in Menaphos, although the new players must play three tasks in advance (this will take about five hours) so that they can better understand the context of the story. The main quest can take players on the pharaoh and the gods by forming an uprising against them. This task is filled with corruption after completion of four tasks, and may end in about an hour each, but the expansion has more to offer than just that.

One of these additions is essential tasks of the new, but the city of tasks, which are made processive and get the reputation of the various groups of the city. The missions are bringing your typical questions, like those using all other Mmoz. Players can contribute to the benefits of these different factions, and depending on which faction players prefer, they will get different rewards. More interesting are the graves of transformation. Graves work like the process of time and focus more on speed and skill, rather than fighting. Players get the five-minute deadline to break a certain number of pots, open boxes, solve the mystery of the coffin, and collect the ropes with a rope to collect the items. If you are late check out time to lose the items. It is a refreshing addition to the traditional game of Mmorabg, and runs Runescape.

Players may be looking for fighting deadly Dungeons treatment, which is the end game content for adventurers at a high level. It was also to raise the ceiling of the killer, and now to 120, as the raise request is one of the most popular skills. Catacombs that the players will investigate are also generated procedurally, but instead of pots that do not fight again, this is full of deadly monsters. What we saw during the internship we have been dying dark areas filled with the enemy's enemies and puzzles.

Even the gods themselves will Ieradwnk in Menaphos. Krondes, the goddess of pleasure crocodiles, live in the palace where demanding love and laughter of the people, all the while they eat their food and drink. It is just one of the many colorful characters to cross with in the city of Menaphos. At the end of the road, players challenge the greed of the greed coach. You have to deal with the first of his guards, once the defeat, the pharaoh itself, putting green poisonous swimming pools that gets more difficult to avoid because they fill the plot of the battle.

It was the last place we visit in the Big Library, this is the perfect example of the community Ranskib pro. Here, Jagex's books are full of stories about making a fan that contributes to knowledge. Sometimes this extension almost feels like something from Indiana Jones adventure, with the streets full of life. Stroll cats walk around the dusty streets and there is a magic carpet ride. Fans who have not visited Runescape for a period of time must have enough reason to check back and discover the secrets of Menaphos. If you always want to try Runescape, but did not get around, and now is the perfect time.