Runescape for Android, 2018

Developers XDA developers have already confirmed that the expected high video game, which has more than 10 million active accounts in 2018 will come to mobile devices. In fact, she will Android, and also develop the application for iOS. Although not yet have a specific date, the news that 2018 players are already anxious.

The fact that you have to wait a long time creates more expectations, but Android users have the certainty that they will not be the first to get the app. Developers have explained that they are taking their time to provide an unforgettable experience, which the user feels almost like virtual reality.

Other details is a really compatible and optimized interface scheduler for mobile devices so users can truly enjoy the experience. However, it is said that by the end of 2017, we have a copy of the old Runescape School for Android, so cool a little wait.

The most interesting thing about this game is that the first version was released in 2001 after re-designing and renaming the game DeviousMUD 1998. That is, although there are more than 17 years on the market, users are betting on it, and playing their own computers .

Turn into a mobile phone and keep experimenting

RuneScape, which since 2013 in its version 3 and is on the market in free form and payment, remains one of the most sought after gaming industry. Hence the fact that developers have finally decided to make Android version, stay in the market through mobile and tablets now.

There were no details on how you plan to keep the game, which is attractive and with like a real interface for computers and mobile devices. But they expect to provide a pleasant experience, either large or small screens, such as smartphones.

The safest thing is that, as with most versions offered for Android and iOS, an earlier version is released with a beta version of the hardware. It is also believed that some of the difference that may be present in the test will be Samsung Galaxy 8, XL One and Plus Plus 5.

Part of the Launch Page RuneScape is a game you love on your tablet or phone and buy you need from, with a streamlined interface and platform. So user can play with your character, either by phone or computer, uninterrupted and at random from anywhere. So we invite you to leave your comments with #RSMobile, so I'm in the conversation with those who are eagerly awaiting this release.

Finally, it is known that iOS version is being developed. Although in the end this will be released after being tested on Android devices, but we still do not know when the difference may be between the release of the two together.