Fossil Island Brings Paleontology to Old School Runescope

Old School Runescape gets a new upgrade that will take you past the fossilized island. The new area includes a wealth of eternal adventure that adds a place far away to the game that has evoked the era.

The new content is designed to be welcomed by OSRS Gold players of all levels, and the fossil island has places to go underground, submarines and even volcanoes. You can find fossils by sending them back to the recently expanded museum in Varrock and occasionally drives some living bones by adding skeleton-like Wyverne, one of the most draconian enemies.

"Fossil Island has been a myth of Runescape and the community for a long time," says Mathew Kemp, senior product manager at Old School Runescape. "The first design documentation was written more than ten years ago, so we were very happy that the old-school Runescape community voted so overwhelmingly and supported its development and launched the game."

Old School Runescape was released in 2013, which brought the old leg of the old MMO back to 2007 for players who prefer their online game with retro flavors. The community will vote for a new addition to this version, and I think it's never a good idea to invoke the prehistoric bones of love. Both the Old Schools and the Runescape program are currently in the pipeline for new mobile versions.