Novtumberfest & new content for the free version

The flat foliage covers the globe where once the coast was, and Lumberbridge's peoples end up wearing a hat, scarf and gloves to prepare a new fall season. But what the weather, no wind or cold can harm your mood. You are a festive mood because the Night of the Darkness is here!

Concentrated beer and sharp suits at these skill training sessions in the next four weeks. You can train all kinds of skills - piercers to pray, farming and immantation - with no participation fees or ebb reduction. It alone, without happy hours!

Do you want to go alone through the country? Keep your eyes open so you can move the Gunter, which is turbulent every three hours and found in the free world zones. For good souls who help him, Ib is rewarding.

Award or prize? But of course you have bonuses for you buy Runescape gold! In addition to having fun with friends, you can expect a series of novelties, animations and armor robes for November, and the title "Bartillo / Bartlewyn" for those who really hang around - other than members are locked.