The things you’d better know before playing Runescape

Skills are a essential part of a game. I cant image that how we play without any skills in game. The most attractive element of a game is the abundant skills. So what are skills? Skills are a player's trainable abilities that may be levelled throughout their game play. Any given skill can be trained by various actions that relate to the skill.

Performing any of these various actions grants the player experience in that skill. Using items such as experience lamps can increase a skill by a variable amount of experience points based on the player's skill selection.

With the release of Invention, there are now 27 skills available to train in RuneScape. Members have access to all 27 skills, while free-to-play players may only access 16 of these skills, resulting in less available content for the player. However free-to-play players can train the members' skills up to level 5 to try those out.

Achieving higher levels in skills can give players various advantages around RuneScape, such as agility shortcuts, faster cutting of wood, etc. Skills are often contrasted with Runescape Gold, some of which are profitable, and others which do not provide the player with any in game wealth whatsoever.

Training certain skills may be profitable, such as selling logs obtained from woodcutting, selling the fish from the fishing skill, or selling the drop(s) from a slayer assignment. Conversely, other skills may not be profitable. While some skills may be less profitable than others, the main cause of loss of profit is through a lack of the player acquiring their own materials.

All skills, with the exception of Constitution, start out at level 1. Constitution starts out at level 10, so the player has a fair advantage against monsters. Players can advance a skill to level 99 (except for Dungeoneering and Invention, which can go to level 120); after that, they can increase their experience up to 200,000,000 - but gain no more levels for doing so. A player's combat level begins at level 3. The maximum combat level a player can reach is level 138. A player will appear on the hiscores if they are in the top 2,000,000 players of a skill, and are level 15 or greater in that skill.

Skills can be temporarily boosted or lowered by using certain items or equipment, such as Capes of Accomplishment, beer, potions, certain foods, or a summoning familiar if the player is a member.

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