Ideas about Deadman mode

I've played deadman consistently since day of release and have died, many many times in the beginning, losing everything and starting over. deadman It is not dead. the number of worlds has shrunk. the player base has dropped to a fraction of what it was, however it has leveled off at 100(+/-) on 345 and 40' s to 70 's on 52 and 57, depending on time of day. it's near impossible to find supplies, having a high smith or craft or fish (etc) lvl is actually valuable. I see new players near everyday in lumby. I also see quite a few pkers coming through picking them off. lol just another day in osrs deadman mode.

If you tweak this mode for the better, tons of people would rush in for some of the action. How can deadman mode be any fun if you are being killed constantly by clans or people way above your level. Thus losing all your bank and massive amounts of exp upon each death that you worked for hours upon hours to obtain. The skill protections and safety deposit is not enough. That should be kept although. It would be fair if skulked players lost their 28 most valuable items in bank and %25 exp loss in non protected skills. Poll for grand exchange in deadman mode might be good, because it was always a pain to buy or sell items. Who wants to spend hours trying to buy or sell something. I rather be getting gains. Now tell me you wouldn't play this. I'd love to play this mode and I'm sure 1000 s maybe even 10' s of thousands would too.

I think at the start DMM have a lot of issues, don't get me wrong i love Deadman mode and its basically all i play nowadays; It is a shame that some people have the 'die once then quit' mentality; because as you may remember how popular it was at the start; Before you know - all the misc-licks and mass clans like ROT. (Whom by the way have now quit so in some ways DMM is actually more safer , rather ironically.)

But yeah the main issues, at least in my experience are the harsh deaths; at the start it didn't matter whether you were skulked or unskuled you lost the same amount of exp (50%) Thankfully its now 25% but they should halve the number of items lost in the bank, if your unskuled it should be say 14 stacks instead of 28 and i believe there is a new rule where new accounts cant be killed its just a shame this wasn't implemented at the start. Another thing they should of done is make certain exceptions to the teleport rule; i.e rings of life.

A lot of people are simply quitters though and on OSRS and heaven forbid.... RS 3. (When deadman was released some RS 3 players transferred to deadman) which is sad, but as i say if certain issues had been addressed at the start then the amount of players playing DMM wouldn't of shrunk so significantly; Also i noted a lot of streamers quit after Christmas which again may of caused mass quits sadly. Like i say though in my opinion i love DMM, its a lot more rewarding as well as more savage but that's the fun of it i guess, pking on pvp worlds and in the wildly is just plain boring because people just safe or just run away/ teleport and its only the rushers who actually get a chance of loot and even then people just use protect item.

I am not sure if you guys could get Runescape gold through finding methods in those ideas,but i am pretty sure you will learn something,have a nice day and i am waiting for your nice ideas!