Looting ogre coffins to make Runescape Gold

Looting ogre coffins to make Runescape Gold

There are many ways to make Runescape Gold while playing Runescape. Sometimes it is hard to choose which method is the best one for you making money cause you have no idea about the profit. Today, i will share you with a good way for making Runescape Gold.

It is Looting ogre coffins. After completing Zogre Flesh Eaters, you can loot ogre coffins by using ogre coffin keys on them. You'll often get random junk (bronze equipment, damaged armour), but about half the time you'll get zogre bones, and 10% of the time each you'll get raurg bones or fayrg bones. Ourg bones are especially rare, with about a 2% chance. Most of the profit from this method comes from the raurg bones, which are used for Daily Challenges and are far more expensive than any of the others.

Ogre coffin keys have a trade limit of 100 per four hours, and can be difficult to buy regardless. Consider stocking up on them before you begin.

To start this method, teleport to Castle Wars using a ring of duelling. Withdraw 25 or 26 ogre coffin keys from the bank, and walk south over the bridge and west around the rock wall to Jiggig. Hop over the crushed barricade, and run past the skogres and zogres to the three ogre coffins in the east.

Start opening the coffin -- just stay at one of them, it will close itself again before you can open a different coffin. Drop any unwanted junk you get, but keep on the lookout for grimy lantadyme in addition to the ancient bones. After you've used all your keys, teleport back to Castle Wars, bank, and run back to Jiggig. It takes about six seconds for each coffin to open again, so a load of 26, plus banking time, is about 200 seconds. This means that you could open about 500 coffins per hour, getting on average 250 zogre bones, 50 raurg and fayrg bones, and 9 or 10 ourg bones.

After you've had enough, go to the Grand Exchange and sell your bones. The most important ones are again the raurg bones, -- they are fairly commonly traded, but the price can be far different than the guide price.

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