Runescape Authenticator

As we all know, account safety is important for players in runescape game, you will lose your Runescape Gold, items and everything if you are scammed by someone. Free and available to all RuneScape players, in the main game and on Old School, the RuneScape Authenticator is the new way to protect your account, giving it an additional layer of protection against unauthorised access.

Setting up the Runescape Authenticator is quick and easy, and is done via our website.  Once it’s set up, the Authenticator uses a code generator app - such as Google Authenticator for Android, iOS, and Blackberry phones, or Microsoft Authenticator for Windows phones - to generate a six-digit code. You will then need to enter this code, when prompted, as a second step each time you log in on a new PC. Then, you can set your account to remember your computer for 30 days, if you wish. The Runescape Authenticator is ready and waiting to help you protect your account, so what are you waiting for? Get protected in just two minutes!

I just set up the authenticator myself but being a leader of a clan my members are concerned that they wont be able to use the system if they dont have a smartphone or something similar being able to download and scan the app. In the BTS video Jagex said that they would be switching off the JAG later in the summer, but my question is whats going to happen to all of the people who use JAG currently and who don’t have a smart phone? I agree with the idea of another level of security but removing JAG would leave many people without any form of extra security. I cannot understand the logic in removing a system that has been working well and substituting it for this new system that only targets people with smart phones. Now unless Jagex will be integrating the authenticator features into a new version of JAG that allows you to use the existing system as well as the new system. The JAG alternative should still be kept for people who don’t have smart phones and the authenticator a alternative for those who have them and want their life a bit simpler. Seeing as many of us don't have smartphones, couldn't the Authenticator send that six-digit code to our e-mail adress? I think it's safe to say that everyone who plays Runescape has an e-mail address.

But you know there are some problem for runescape authenticator, you need to have smart phone if you want to set up runescape authenticator, because you want to log in, you need to fill in the code.Careful the scammer by yourselves is very essential ,don’t trust anyone who want to talk with you when you trade Runescape Gold with someone,they will know your information, pretend you to scam your Runescape Gold, you need to care about those, you can protect your account information.