How to Avoid Scams in Old School III

Hello,everyone, I have shared some tips for how to avoid scams in old school with you guys before. Today, i would like to continue to talk about this issue cause the scammers really make people so frustrated, no one want to meet them at somewhere in game. The following are some more tricks that scammers use, we have to pay much attention on.

 • Rushing The Trade – Some players may start closing the trade window and claiming there is lag – trying to rush you into trading quickly by repeatedly closing their trade window, so they can alter the trade without you noticing. Only trade when you have had PLENTY of time to check the trade screens and ensure all is well.

 • Meet me in the Wilderness/Come into the Wilderness with me – The only reason someone wants to meet you in the Wilderness is so they can kill you and steal your items. Only trade in SAFE places, and don't go into the Wilderness with anything you aren't willing to lose.

 • The Flower Game – You will be asked to hand over some cash for the bet, then the player will plant a flower seed and ask you to guess which of the nine colors of flower the seed will produce. If you guess correctly, the player will claim to double your money. They may keep to their side of the bargain, but it’s more likely that they will log out and run off with your cash.

 • Team Item Scamming – Many players will club together to try to scam you * one will be selling an item for a high price, the other will claim to be buying the same item for a higher price. This will fool some players into thinking that they can make a quick sale and large profit if they buy and sell the items being offered. Don’t be fooled by this! Always try to be aware of the current prices of items.

 • Trade me your item for a minute, I'll give it back/ Lend me an Item - Don't believe them, they'll probably run away with your stuff. Your items are yours, so it's best you hold on to them. Remember the Lending system didn't exist yet, so it's impossible to tell if someone is lying to you or not.

 • Gem Cutting - Though not always a scam, don’t hand an inventory full of gems to anyone offering to cut them – it's likely they are saying that to steal your gems.

I hope no one would get scammed or meet them by an chance in Old School, this is a fantastic game, i dont want them to broke the good experience of players. Please pay much attention on your OSRS Gold if you have much of them, they are your life in this game. But if you truly want to sell your Old School Gold, please find us, we are or you can contact our skype( Skype ID: live:mmoak_3),we are here 24/7 waiting for you.