The balance for Deadman mode

How to balance a game mode?You may consider about the the Runescape gold or Runescape power leveling,nice thoughts,OK, so I've been playing Deadman Mode for a few days now. It's been extremely challenging journey feeling nearly impossible for someone just starting out. Fresh off the island and walking to Var-rock, I died 3 times. I eventually leveled up at Lumbridge becoming strong enough to make the journey to tree gnome stronghold I trained there for a lot of my levels.

The issue with this mode at the moment is the higher level players have a foothold on the content of this game. Not all but enough high level players camp the end of quests as well as the borders of guarded areas. Often can be seen ice blitz and special low level players out of existence all along the boarder.The fix I discuss below is designed to help protect those who suffer a huge combat gap from drastic losses.

Not sure what the point in the code was. When you can just explain it, like you did on the last part.I do agree that if a low level is killed by a higher level should suffer less penalty. It might keep new players around longer. But I think it should stop once you reach pass a certain CB i.e. 30+. There would be no point in aiming for a high/max CB if the penalty is to much. And also it might make high CB players quit.

I don't see how this would make a high level player wish to quit. This player could attack players at -27 levels and still see a single item drop. So a 126 play can attack a level 99 and see 1 item (Not including what the person drops in their inventory/equipment). The poor level 99 in this example would only suffer 0.892% exp loss and losing their most valuable item stack for this slaughter. The 126 in this example should ask themselves, is it worth the skull to kill this level 99. But do you think he/she will ask themselves that if they gain access to 28 items?

I thought the whole point of deadman mode was high risk is high reward. Sitting at lumbridge killing players coming over the bridge isn't very high risk especially when you're +100 levels higher than everyone.

I tweaked the algorithm a little based on feedback. Apparently they're suiciders who attack higher levels in hopes to catch them off guard. So now the difference is 28 levels in both direction. If a level 99 kills a 126 he will just get a single item from that 126.

The game mechanic is perfect the way it is. i have been playing for way more than "few days". i only die when i get greedy and try to aim for best exp and money making methods.

i have done Desert treasure (with all its pre reqs) and i encountered ZERO pkers. i invest in items and put them in my safety deposit so i don't lose much when i die if i quest or train.

The game mode is supposed to be harsh. A level 3 is supposed to be killed by a 126 (if he wants to risk it).Go to old school's YouTube page. watch the Deadman Mode trailer. the game mode is working exactly like it was intended and offered by Jagex. we have voted for this game mod, not a little cry baby's Easy Man Mode.

Have you got the methods for balancing the Deadman mode now?If not,i will be glad to have a discussion with you,have a good one!